The 5 Commandments Of Smart Dieting

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To really see some results in your weight-loss plan, you must be sure to obey the 5 commandments of dieting. These are the non-negotiables that will make all your hard work pay off.  If you want to see superior results that will also be noticed by others, these are the 5 keys to success that many miss out on.

Need a quick lesson in the 5 commandments? Check out the list below.

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Thou Shall Eat More Protein

Protein is key to any long-term weight-loss solution. Protein helps combat hunger, it helps stabilize blood glucose levels, and it helps prevent lean muscle mass loss. Protein helps speed up your metabolism and accelerates the process of fat loss.

Don’t miss the protein content out of your diet. Try to add a small amount into every meal and snack throughout the day.


 Thou Shall Eat Regularly

Ok, so we all know that the idea that eating more will not automatically increase your metabolism – eating regularly does help to keep hunger at bay.

By feeding your body frequently throughout the day, you’ll help avoid food cravings, energy lows, and make it that much easier to stick to your diet program.


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Thou Shall Prioritize Fresh Foods

Fresh foods are what the human body was made to eat. Now we live in a world where processed foods have become a large part of our diets and this is a major part of the weight gain many are experiencing.

Cut back or eliminate processed food from your diet and you’ll really give your weight loss a boost. Focus on foods that are still natural — fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats and oils, and lean proteins.

Thou Shall Set Short Term Goals

Short term goals help keep us motivated in the long term. As we tick-off one goal we gain added motivation towards the next one. Keep your mind on the next goal in a few days or a week, instead of being too focused on a long-term goal that is six months away. Each small goal you achieve is one step closer to the bigger prize!

Try thinking in three-week segments. Three weeks is about how long it takes for good habits to form, so is the perfect amount of time to you build behaviors that will stand the test of time.

This is precisely why the Custom Keto Diet is made to fit your habits. It will help you stay motivated and consistent until you don’t even have to think about making those changes any longer — They’ll just be automatic.



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Thou Shall Stop Comparisons of Weight-Loss

The final commandment is to stop comparing yourself to others. This is your journey and your own body. It’s unlike anyone else’s so you simply can’t expect to see the same results as everyone else.

Instead, start comparing yourself today to yourself from yesterday. If each day you are an improved version of yourself you will continue to see success and reach your goals in record time.

So keep these diet commandments in mind. Focus on these and you can feel confident that you are headed in the right direction.

You can get more information about the Custom Keto Diet HERE.

It is the easy way to follow the 5 commandments and get the results you have been looking for.





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