The Missing Key For Weight Loss – Sleep

If you are finding that your weight loss is not happening despite all your best efforts, it is time to have a more critical look at how you are allowing your body to rest and sleep.

Sleep is an essential component of any weight loss or strength training program. Basically, if you are not sleeping well, the rest of the work is a waste of time. Your body without enough sleep simply stores fat!

So how can we know if we are getting enough sleep? More than that, how can we know we are getting the right kind of sleep? These questions are much easier to answer when you have the right information. Luckily there are a lot of ways we can easily track our sleep and get all the information we need to fix it.

Many of the latest smartwatches have a sleep tracking application included. The best-rated of these are still the Apple Watch Series 3 and the FitBit Versa 2

If wearing a watch to bed is not your idea of comfort there are many other options.

You can track you sleep accurately using a sleep tracking pad. The most popular one is the Withings Sleep Tracking pad and app

With any of these devices, you are going to have a lot more information to work with. You can see if you are getting enough deep sleep, enough REM and also monitor how many times you are waking in the night. All excellent information to start working on improving the quality and amount of sleep you are getting.

If you know that you are not getting the right kind of deep sleep or are having trouble falling asleep at night, there are some great sleep aids available. There is no need to struggle with sleeping problems and try all the home remedies when you can use some extra help. Our favorite is the Dodow Sleeping Aid. This fabulous bedside device basically reteaches you how to fall asleep naturally. It is perfect for switching off an overactive mind, and falling naturally asleep.

If you are finding it difficult to fall asleep because of noise distraction, the Bose Sleep Buds II have been consistently rated as the best sleeping aids by thousands of happy users.

Many people have also found that using a weighted blanket helps them get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. The best-rated one is this Adult sized weighted blanket by Waowoo

If you are looking for more information about our sleep and how it can affect weight loss, energy levels and more, then the best-selling book Why We Sleep is the go to book.

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