Best Weight Lifting Workout Plans For Women Who Want To Be Strong

Top weight training workouts for women

These Weight Lifting Workout Plans are for women who want to be strong, fit, ripped and fabulous!

We have put together the best of the best workout plans that are easy to use, good value for money and you can start on today!

If you want results that show, check out the plans we have found for you.

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1. Ultimate Pull-Up Program

The Ultimate Pull-Up Program
 will progressively and systematically help you strengthen your entire body, and develop the requisite level of technique, so you will be able to dominate your pull-ups. Each phase will last roughly four to eight weeks, and in each phase, you will:

1. Improve your pull-up technique, so you can perform them efficiently

2. Improve your upper body strength, so reaching the bar isn’t so daunting and intimidatingParagraph

3. Improve your upper body muscle tone/hypertrophy, so you have the ability to perform many pull-ups

4. Improve your scapular and shoulder controlled mobility, so you can travel to and from the bar with no fear

5. Improve your grip strength, so you have the hang time needed to perform multiple reps and sets

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6. Improve your core and glute strength, so you leave yourself with no weak links

7. Improve your lower body strength, so your glutes, quads, and hamstrings are stronger than they’ve ever been and don’t hold you back.

Read our blog post about this program and find out how to get it at a discounted price. The Ultimate Pull-Up Post

2. PULL UP QUEEN Program 

For Gym Goddesses Who Want To Get Over the Bar!

Pull Up Queen is for Powerful women of the world who want to take their training to the next level. If you have always wanted to get over the bar and use pull-ups effectively in your training, the  Pull Up Queen Program is designed for you.

Neghar Fonooni—Pull-up Enthusiast + Creator of Pull-up Queen Has developed a three-level program to get you fit and strong!     Check out her awesome program here.

3. Figure Competition Secrets

If you are looking for a figure content prep program to get in shape check this site out. It outlines the prep program followed by top figure competitors to slice body fat, define their muscles and look absolutely stunning! Check it out here.

4. UNlock Your Glutes

Strengthen your glutes, and you will run faster, you will jump higher, you will throw harder.

Everything flows from this area. Whether you’re walking, running, climbing, jumping, stepping, sitting or even just standing without moving, your glutes are involved. The stronger your glutes, the more efficient your movement.

Developing an Athletic, Perfectly Curved Rear Can Actually Be Easy With the UNlock Your Glutes  “GM3” Method

5. The Bigness Project for Women

The Bigness Project is a plan for building your biggest, boldest physique ever! This weight lifting work out plan for women is perfect for fast results.  


They will show you how to get results and really look like you lift! Sculpted arms, popping shoulders, and bootylicious booties aren’t made by working them off – they’re built by the age-old art of bodybuilding and this project is about getting these results.

The Bigness Project!

Visit the Bigness Project site to find out more about how to join their project here.



6. Dumbell Domination Workout

Jen Comas, co-founder of Girls Gone Strong has created The Dumbbell Domination plan. Her program includes 18 intense workouts that improve your conditioning, boost strength, and burn body fat. Every session is around 25 minutes or less. Each workout comes with 3 levels of intensity that give you the flexibility to choose your own adventure every day. You don’t need a gym full of equipment or hours away from home to get in shape with this program. Find out more about Jen’s weight lifting workout plan for women who want to be strong by visiting her site here.




 7. Unapologetically Powerful

The Unapologetically Powerful program is designed to eliminate any doubt in your training. This perfectly simple to follow weight lifting workout plan for women couldn’t be easier ot get fast results. 





Shawna Kaminski lays out a powerful system that kicks your excuses to one side and promises to get you stronger than you thought possible! She leads the way with strong language and by teaching you skills that will stick with you and help you create the best body you can. Find out more about how they do this on the Unapologetically Powerful website here.






6. Lift Weights Faster Workout 

Lose body fat, build muscle, and increase your cardio capacity with these SUPER-short workouts to get you started in lifting weights fast. This program is designed to fit YOUR needs based on how much time and equipment (if any!) you have available. Created especially for weight-lifting women, this weight lifting work out plan for women gets results fast. You will find all the information and inspiration you need on their site HERE.

















8. Bikini Body Workouts

Last, but, not least we have to mention the Bikini Body Workout that everyone is talking about. This system has  EVERYTHING you need to achieve a mind-blowing transformation. Simply. Quickly. With no guesswork. No wonder it is so crazy popular this summer. 





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