Best Weight Lifting Workout Plans For Women Who Want To Be Strong

Top weight training workouts for women

We have rounded up the best at home Weight Lifting Workout Plans are for women who want to be strong, fit, ripped and fabulous!

These are the best workout plans you can download and use immediately. We wanted to find plans that are easy to use, good value for money and that you can start today! Here are our picks of the best weight training programs for women who want to be strong NOW!

Time-Volume Training For Women

The first program we want to recommend is the Time-Volume Training program.

The focus of this program is lifting to sculpt. You will be building strength through targeted weight training.

We love this program because it is specifically designed for women’s bodies.

It comes with detailed instructions and access to an online library of videos to help ensure your technique is perfect.

The Time-Volume workout system gives you all the benefits of weight training WITHOUT the downsides of heavy, male-oriented workouts. But, lets be clear, you will be lifting some bigger weights, this is about strength!

Ultimate Pull-Up Program

The Ultimate Pull-Up Program focuses on pull-ups. These are usually considered a man’s exercise, but this program will have you acing them better than the men in the gym!

This instant download e-book gives you all the exercises to make it happen!

weight lifting for women

We tried it, and loved the results. Performing a pull-up is one of the most empowering and impressive feats of strength you can achieve, and we love showing off in the gym!

Sadly, the media, and much of the fitness industry, have led women to believe that they are not capable of doing a single pull-up. Not one. We have proven that wrong.

weight lifting for women

This E-Book gives you the inside info on how to :

1. Improve your pull-up technique, so you can perform them efficiently

2. Improve your upper body strength, so reaching the bar isn’t so daunting or intimidating

3. Improve your upper body muscle tone/hypertrophy, so you have the ability to perform many pull-ups

4. Improve your scapular and shoulder controlled mobility, so you can travel to and from the bar with no fear

5. Improve your grip strength, so you have the hang time needed to perform multiple reps and sets

women who want to be strong

6. Improve your core and glute strength, so you leave yourself with no weak links

7. Improve your lower body strength, so your glutes, quads, and hamstrings are stronger than they’ve ever been and don’t hold you back.

women who want to be strong

THE ULTIMATE PULL-UP PROGRAM – for women who want to be strong

Thinner, Leaner, Stronger

No list of amazing workouts would be complete without including this book that has helped thousands of women build their best body ever!

With a simple formula of exercise and eating, many women have reported losing 10 to 15 pounds of fat while building lean, sexy muscle a breeze . . . and it only takes 8 to 12 weeks. Filled with fabulous Weight lifting workout plans for women.


Nine Workout Programs for Women to Burn Fat, Boost Metabolism, and Build Strength for Life

This book is another must include for our list. With this book, you will be guided through a three-phase training program to build muscle fast. It is easy to use and can be followed right in your living room!

Grab a copy of STRONG today.

The New Rules of Lifting for Women

Another great book for women who want to get strong is The New Rules of Lifting for Women.

This book will take your fitness beyond what you believe you could achieve. It includes Weight lifting workout plans that quickly show results.

Weight lifting workout plans for women

One reviewer had the following results (age 28, 134 lbs, 5′ 7 1/2″):

-21% increase in strength on squats, 32% increase on deadlifts and a 16% increase on the bench press
-Lost 1.5 inches off waist and hips and an inch off each thigh gained an inch around the shoulders (weight stayed the same)
-My body fat went from 25-23% to 20% and below
-Achieved a full pull-up and a full pistol squat for the first time, going on to do more
-Went from a 10-minute mile average to an 8.5-minute mile average, placing in a 5k race with a time of 23 minutes
-Gained noticeable muscle definition/tone and strength in my core, back, legs, arms, and chest along
-Improved posture, balance, and overall agility

But the best thing about this book is how empowering it is mentally and emotionally.

Home Work Out Posters

If you prefer to make your own program and go at your own pace, we recommend these professional gym posters.


home gym equipment

Easy to see instructions make Grand Basics gym posters the most popular for home fitness and small gyms. With 600+ home exercise options, and an eye-catching design that’s cleaner than other workout posters. Stick Grand Basics on your wall, and get in shape faster than you thought!

Portable Resistance Workout Set and Guide

This program and equipment in one set is the perfect way to get motivated and started immediately!

We love that you can open the box and get working on your strength right from your home.

This workout set comes in a small bag that you can take anywhere! It is also perfect for stashing under the sofa when you finish your workout for the day.

Gymwell’s Portable Resistant Workout Set helps you workout at home making it easier to find time to exercise.


 We loved the results of this 12 Week program.

Workout 5 days a week for 15-45 minutes a day with easy-to-follow workouts that build muscle fast.

LEANBUILDING workouts are designed for “progressive overload,” which means you’ll be tracking and increasing your weights as you get stronger and the weeks progress, with the goal of adding more muscle while maintaining your leanness.

Jill Coleman creator of #leanbuilding

Adjustable Dumbbell Set

One of the biggest problems with getting started is having the right equipment. If you are a complete beginner to weightlifting it can be daunting to know where to begin. This easy-to-use, adjustable dumbbell set makes it much easier.

adjustable dumbbell set

 Set up a full-sized gym at home with the BowFlex Homegym Set

We love this gym. Now we all work from home, watch our kids and have busy schedules, the convenience of having this at home and not having to drive to the gym is why we love it!

We were impressed with the resistance for the upper body. It is awesome for the chest, back, arms, shoulders, and abs.

This gym is worth every single penny. We strongly recommend it for anyone who wants to get into or back into shape without breaking the bank.


Bikini Body Workouts

Last, but, not least we have to mention the Bikini Body Workout that everyone is talking about. This system has  EVERYTHING you need to achieve a mind-blowing transformation. Simply. Quickly. With no guesswork. No wonder it is so crazy popular! 

Weight lifting workout plans for women

This program lets you…

Break hearts & break rules

Set the standard for fit, healthy, & happy

Redefine feminine

Become strong & sexy

Unleash the lethal lady inside of you

After all, you’re not just a woman.

You’re a femme fatale of a female.

Weight lifting workout plans for women


Keep safe when you are working out and always follow the recommended guidelines.



25 Best home workout plans



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