Ultimate Pull-Up Program For Women

Pull-ups are so key to being a total badass at the gym and in life. Being able to perform the perfect pull-up is not only empowering, but it is also an impressive proof of strength.

Who says women cannot do this? We know women can and should use pull-ups in their workouts. Pull-ups leave you feeling stronger, fitter, more confident and empowered.

The problem is most pull-up programs are made for men. Not this one! We found Meghan Callaway and her incredible pull-up program for women who want to perfect the pull-up.

Her Ultimate Pull-Up Program steps women through exercises to improve full-body strength, sculpt muscles, improve athleticism and lose body fat.

1) Can The Ultimate Pull-Up Program be performed at home? And what equipment is necessary.

The answer to this question is YES. In terms of the pull-ups and regressions, all you need is a home pull-up bar, monkey bars (in a playground), or rings. This IS a requirement.

For the other exercises, she recommends some dumbbells/kettlebells, and several exercises require a resistance band, a TRX, and a barbell. 

That being said, if you do not have this equipment, you can absolutely modify the exercises. Meghan will gladly provide you with alternatives. 

2) Can The Ultimate Pull-Up Program be combined with other programs?

The answer to this question is also YES. A huge number of people who are following The Ultimate Pull-Up Program are powerlifters, Crossfitters, runners, bodybuilders, and other athletes.

While Meghan’s program has the goal of improving one’s ability to perform pull-ups, the exercises in her program also have a positive carryover to other programs, sports, and definitely everyday life! 

The Ultimate Pull-Up Program involves 3-4 workouts (3 with an optional 4th) per week, and it addresses the full body. 

Remember, the pull-up IS a full-body exercise. 

Meghan’s program is more than enough to do on its own, but if you are following other programs you can do your program on off days, or you can add in exercises on days you are following my program.

For instance, if you are a powerlifter, you can do the “big 3” (squats, deadlifts, bench presses) on days you are not following The Ultimate Pull-Up Program, or you do one exercise on each day you are following her program.

You can figure out what works and feels best for you.

3) How long does each workout take?

While this absolutely varies on an individual basis, each workout generally takes around 35-45 minutes to complete. 

When you are first starting out, each workout might take slightly longer. 

If you add in extra exercises, or have a customized warm-up or cool-down, this will also increase the overall length of your workout. 

Currently, over 1200 women and men from over 47 countries worldwide are following The Ultimate Pull-Up Program.

Meghan’s pull-up program is so comprehensive that a lot of coaches from around the world are using her program with their clients, and have been raving about the results!  

She has just released her upgraded The Ultimate Pull-Up Program and we are so excited to share her badass program with you. 

You can access this program for a discounted price here: CLICK HERE FOR The Ultimate Pull-Up Program Discount

Meghan has added 40 pages of new bonus material and has made her existing program even better than before. Her updated program is now over 200 pages in length! 

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