Suffering From Anxiety? We Found 10 Devices To Ease Your Stress

These past two years have been tough for those of us who suffer from anxiety. There have been many moments of stress, anxiety and feeling out of control. We decided to make it our mission to find some of the best devices on the market that promise to boost our mood and ease our stress. After sorting through many many gadgets, gimmicks and strange marketing videos, we found the top 10 devices that we think will really ease your anxiety if used regularly.

The first on our list was this space-age looking headband!

Muse 2 Meditation Tracker

The Muse 2 is a headband combined with a training tool. It is fantastic for keeping us focused and following a meditation. With a connect app we were easily able to use the Mind, Heart, Body or Breath Meditations. These experiences help you feel grounded. Close your eyes and just breathe away that anxiety while listening to the soothing sounds that respond to the fluctuations of your mind and body. This headband teaches you to tune in and relax your mind and body by using guiding soundscapes. In our opinion, it is worth the investment.

What others are saying about the MUSE II:

“I love the breathing exercise and the heart exercise. I find them extremely relaxing.”

“The heart experience is awesome. It is something I’d never experienced before. It’s almost like feeling your heartbeat and breathing as an instrument/drum. Love it!”

“The Muse II teaches you how to understand the relationship between breath rate and heart rate and how to slow down. VERY calming”

“I would highly recommend the MUSE II to anyone wanting to start meditation or who is looking to go deeper in meditation practice!”

The next product that caught our eye and demanded we try it, was this grounding mattress cover.

Grounding Mat Mattress Cover

We had heard about grounding as a way to reduce stress and improve sleep. We also learned that this process can help with chronic pain, blood pressure and blood flow as well as relieve muscle tension and headaches. Most of all we love that this product is all about promoting calmness. We all need a little more of that in our lives!

This Mattress cover ensures grounding as you sleep by establishing the essential connection with the energy of the earth. The mattress cover transfers the ground energy to your skin through a conductive carbon leatherette. With regular use, this mattress cover promises to help you to feel less stressed, centered, balanced and less tense.

What others are saying about the grounding process:

“I have been using this mattress cover for 2 weeks and I feel back to my old self!”

“This is awesome, my energy is back up, my mood has improved and I have less aches and pains in my joints or feet.”

“I’m losing weight!!!! Down 7 pounds and two weeks!!”

We have been seeing heated eye massagers advertised for a long time, and wanted to find the best one to try. We were recommended the Renpho brand and fell in love with it!

RENPHO Heated Eye Massager

We found this heated eye massager to be perfect for switching off for the day and de-stressing our tired eyes that have been focused on a screen all day. The massage points will help you reduce your anxiety and stress while putting your feet up and listening to some music or meditation.

What others are saying about the heated eye massager:

“Amazing product! I got this for my migraines. I usually use a hot rice pad and I heard this may be better. It was!!! The massage and heat helped relieve my migraines.”

“I love it, I never knew I needed an eye massager until I used it!”

The next product was one we felt a little sceptical about at first. But after trying it out, we were sold on it!

Heart Math Inner Balance Lighting

This balancing device is a fantastic tool for becoming more aware of your moods and triggers. With more information, we are always in a better place to learn how to improve our anxiety. It promises to improve your well-being, vitality and clarity of thought. We found it made us feel great, and more in control of our emotions.

This device and app is all about learning to achieve coherence – a synchronization between our heart, breath, and brain. When we are in coherence, we function more efficiently, we have greater emotional stability, and increased mental clarity. Yes, please!! Sign us up for that.

What others are saying about Heart Math Inner Balance:

“I found this to be a very interesting and useful product. When my mind wanders during meditation, this shows on the iPhone app, serving as a useful reminder to re-focus.”

“This product detects my heartbeat with the ear attachment and gives me advice on how to relax.”

Being shut inside during the rolling lockdowns we have all experienced, has meant that we were missing the sun. So when the chance came to try out a new Light Therapy Lamp we jumped at the chance!

Light Therapy Lamp by Verilux

Spending a lot of time indoors can increase our anxiety and stress immensely. We found this light therapy lamp was a quick and easy way to ensure our skin was getting the right amount of light each day to manage our moods.

We love that this portable device helps bring an essential ingredient, light, into our daily life despite being inside. The lamp is customizable, so you can choose how much light you want with just the right amount of white light to mimic the sunshine on your skin, without any harmful UV rays.

What others are saying about this product:

“I suffer from winter seasonal affective disorder. This light has been a God-Send.”

“After a few days, I felt my mood improve and started to feel kind of back to “normal”.

“This light is amazing and I much prefer it over some medication that has a billion side effects. It is 100% worth it!”

From light to sound, we decided to find out more about Tone Therapy as a way to reduce stress.

N.O.W. Tone Therapy

N.O.W. stands for New Origin Waveforms and this device promises to deliver unique sequences of peaceful tones to lower our stress levels. It incorporates an ancient Pythagorean tuning system which has been used for centuries for sound healing. Within 3 minutes we were beginning to feel re-focused, re-energized and ready to face the day’s challenges much more calmly.

The Tone Therapy is a great way to stop for a few minute, re-focus and get the benefit of meditation without having to sit still for a long period of time. We found it great to put a mini break into our day. At only 3 minutes a session it is quick and easy to schedule this mental self-care session, twice a day.

What others are saying about N.O.W Tone Therapy:

“Wow! Not N.O.W.. WOW! I have been using these for a week and for both myself and with groups of children. It is pure magic because it cannot be described with words how these sounds get inside your mind and soothe you.”

“As I focused on the gentle tones, I could physically feel my mind slowing down. By the time I was finished it was like the clouds had lifted. Instant clarity.”

Breathing and sound have been key ingredients in relaxation practise for centuries. We decided to give the Flō Breathing Necklace a try as it promised to deliver both.

FLO Mindfulness Breathing Necklace

The Flō Breathing Necklace is one of the easiest tools we tried. It simply relieves stress by making you slow down breathing. By exhaling through Flō our breath is instantly elongated and slowed down. The fact that is is always at hand, hanging around your neck, made this one of the most used devices we tried. We all wanted one and many of us still wear them every day. What I love the most about this is that is naturally calms down your mind and body without requiring anything else. You can use it anywhere, anytime. Perfect.

What others are saying about the Flō Breathing Necklace:

“I’ve dealt with anxiety all my life and this necklace serves as a great daily reminder to take time to slow our breaths, get grounded and centered.”

“I love the sleek design. It feels very well-made, sturdy but still lightweight enough to be worn all day.”

“I wear this everyday with my other necklaces.”

We are all fans here of relaxing massages. And the idea of having a massage pillow to try got us all excited. We have really enjoyed giving this one a trial and would recommend it fully.

Deep Tissue 3D Massage Pillow

We loved the Deep Kneading Performance of this massage pillow! 

First of all it really felt like a professional’s hands were getting the knots out of the back of our necks. This pillow has 3D Kneading Nodes that you can customize the direction, heat, and speed.

We found it great for easing neck stiffness and soothing aching muscles. It also promises to promote proper blood circulation. 

A bonus is that it also comes with a bag so you can easily take it in the car or when you travel. Your own portable massage therapist! Awesome!

What others are saying about the Deep Tissue Massager:

“After years of chronic neck pain and trying physical therapy, chiropractic, and massage therapy with little lasting benefit, this item finally has me sleeping soundly.”

“You control exactly where it applies pressure and how much pressure it applies, so unlike human massage therapists, it doesn’t move off the spot you need worked, doesn’t push too hard or too soft, and doesn’t get tired from deep kneading.”

“The price is less than one session with a massage therapist, so the return on investment is instant.”

We have been seeing ads for these Ear Loops all over social media, and wanted to check them out to see what the hype was all about, and if they are worth it. We were wowed by these simple devices. To say we are fans would be an understatement!

Loop Experience Noise Reduction Ear Loops

These Ear Loops are hi-fidelity earplugs that are amazing for reducing the noise that is all around us. After spending months indoors in our own homes, we have to admit feeling a little overwhelmed by the noise on the street and in the supermarket. These little wonders helped ease our stress without hindering our ability to hear and communicate easily. provide those with sensitive hearing, superior ear protection by reducing damaging decibel levels without compromising the sound quality. These ear plugs allow you to hear and communicate clearly. 

The Ear Loops have a unique filter to reduce noise by 18 decibels. They are discreet and comfortable to wear. We love the premise of living life at your own volume.

What others are saying about the Ear Loops:

“These changed my life! The noise outside used to be unbearable on certain days, especially if I was tired or stressed. Now these live in my wallet and come out whenever I need to bring the volume of life down.”

“I recommend these for anyone living in a city. They reduce noise while keeping voices clear and audible. Perfect for restaurants, crowded places, public transport, airplanes… anywhere really!”

“I really like that these are not too visible.”

“Life is way more functional for me now, thank you so much creators of LOOP! Honestly and truly, thank you.”

From reducing noise to changing it. We wanted to give a white noise machine a try. We wanted to see if it would block out the unpleasant sounds of traffic and air conditioners and lower our stress levels.

DreamEgg White Noise Machine

The first thing we noticed with DreamEgg was how easy it is to use. It was small and easy to set up. EASY USE But, don’t let the size fool you, this sound machine has a ton of cool features. You can choose a short program of white noise or set it for the whole night.

What others are saying about DreamEgg:

“The size of this unit is great and the sound quality is amazingly crisp and clean.”

“The controls are clearly labelled and easy to push and use.”

Let us know what products you have found helpful for your anxiety.

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