Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Is it real love, that you feel? Love has to be one of the most confusing and confounding emotions we feel. It can drive you crazy. We all want to know if it is real love that we feel. And do they love you in return? Love is a mystery for many of us, no wonder it writes the lyrics of a million love songs.

Love that is real is has three key ingredients. When all three ingredients are added into the mix you have the perfect love relationship. Hmm, sounds easy right? So what are the three ingredients of real love?


– feeling close and attached to each other. This means we can open up to others and feel they understand and know us.


– this is the spark we feel when in their presence.


– feeling a strong desire to be committed to one person.

If all ingredients are there, you have a good chance for love. A perfect combination of these three components creates a robust and lasting love of legends. Millions of others are still looking for this equal balance of intimacy, passion and commitment.

is it real love?

Not every love experience is a complete success. If your love is not a strong triangle you may be stuck in one of these:

The Friend-zone:

In the friend zone, you have a closeness and understanding with someone but without passion or commitment. If this is your relationship, then you are firmly in the friend zone. A type of love reserved for friends and family with no romantic involvement.  


Infatuation has lots of passion but misses any real intimacy or commitment. We may think we are in love, but really we don’t even know each other yet and have no idea if we will see each other beyond next week.

Lost the Love:

If you are in an empty love match, there is a strong commitment to each other, but without any passion or intimacy remaining. The type of love between partners who stay together because they promised they would.  

Romantic Love:

Romantic Love is the stuff of love songs and romances. Those relationships that go on for months and are full of passion and intimacy, but never make it to the commitment stage. This is the love affair or the one-night stand that goes no further.

is it real love?
Romantic young couple sitting on bed

BFF Love:

Best friends love each other in a two-sided love of closeness and commitment without the passionate love component. These are the friends we will be close to for years and sometimes for a lifetime.

Love At First Sight:

Love at first sight, is a whirlwind love affair that grows between two hearts full of passion and desire for commitment. The adrenaline rush of love begs us to head directly to a Vegas chapel to profess our undying love and commitment to each other. Yet, this love lacks the essential intimacy component. Basically, you still don’t know each other well enough yet, but given time it can grow into a more complete love.

The Secret Ingredient

There’s a relationship “secret ingredient” that can turn ensure your love becomes a strong real love. It is about learning what we crave in order to feel intense, committed love. For without this feeling, we will always keep one foot out the door. There is a hidden, emotional need in all our hearts that leaves us feeling constantly unsatisfied. Most of us don’t realize what it is, and that it’s tied to the quality of our relationships. Once you make it “click” for our partner, he’ll go overboard to prove his love for you.

If you are interested to know if your relationship has what it takes, try this quiz today.

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