NO Summer Holiday? No Problem

Not everyone gets a summer holiday. If you are one of the unlucky ones working through the summer this year, this post is for you.

To help you get through the summer at work we thought it best to come up with ideas to create some summer vibes even while you work.

Here are our eight top tips for enjoying some summer vibes without going on holiday!

1.    Turn off your devices after hours

We have become so used to never switching off entirely from work. All lines between work and home have blurred, and we never seem to stop working. Summer holidays are usually our one big chance to get away from the office and take a well-earned break. If you have no summer holiday and taking a complete break from work is almost impossible, the only way is to turn off your computer and your phone, take off your watch and refuse to check your emails when you are out of office hours. You deserve it. 

Not sure you can be trusted to switch off? We tried this timed lockbox and found it works wonders!

Don’t trust yourself to not check your phone? Lock it away for an hour

2.    Enjoy Your Backyard 

If a fabulous beachfront location is not in the plan this year, try to make the most of summer right where you are. If you wanted a reason to upgrade your garden furniture, having no summer holiday is the perfect excuse. Fantastic garden furniture can transform your backyard into a tropical oasis. Add a hammock, parasol and some outdoor lighting to turn your yard into a place worthy of an exceptional escape after work.

3.    Put your feet up

You might be still working full-time throughout the summer with no summer holiday, but you can still find time in the evening and weekends to truly relax and kick off your shoes. Try some foot sockies to give your feet a treat – they will feel and smell divine.

4.    Summer Tunes 

Stream some great summer playlists to improve our mood. Turn up the volume as you relax on your new hammock.

5.    Add some color to your wardrobe

Even if you are only heading into the office, there is no reason you cannot bring some summer vibes with you. Now is the time to add brighter clothes and more fun to your look.

6.    Holiday Food

Summer is all about fresh, delicious food. Add a large fruit bowl filled with fresh summer fruits; watermelons, cherries, berries, melons and nectarines to your kitchen and indulge regularly. If you have time, why not create some of your favourite holiday meals; continental breakfasts with orange juice, croissants and coffee? Or your favourite pasta dish with a glass of wine, followed by some chocolate treats like our favorite GoDiva Dessert Chocolates


7.    Lush Greens and Gorgeous Blooms

Add some bright flowers or lush greenery to your kitchen. There is nothing better than walking in the door after a busy day to a home that welcomes you with flowers!

Tropical Flowers delivered to your door!

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