The Big Impact Declutter – Clear the Clutter Clear Your Mind

The Big Impact Declutter

We all like big, easy wins. They get us pumped to do the rest of the work. Decluttering is no different. The best place to start is right where the biggest impact is going to be felt.

We all have that space somewhere in our homes that really bothers us. It could be that drawer in the kitchen which is always overflowing, or the hallway closet stuffed full with coats and shoes, or the bathroom cupboard filled to the brim with potions and bottles that are probably all past their use-by date. Today is the day to tackle that space!

Set aside some time today to clear that space. Get a couple of rubbish bags and get stuck in.

Decide what to keep, what to throw away and what to give away or find a new place for. Let the motivation of how it will feel to walk past that space without the annoyance and frustration of the clutter.

Decluttering is Therapeutic

Use the decluttering as a prompt for your morning journal writing. Which area of your life do you think this space represented? Was it representative of an old relationship, an old job or a part of your life you haven’t been able to get a full handle on fixing yet? Take some notes on how you could now tackle that area of your life.

Declutter Your Handbag and Reduce How Much You Carry Around

If you are ready for a challenge, let’s get more personal with the decluttering. Start with your bag and wallet. Clear it out. Yes, all the out of date coupons, the receipts you will never look at, and the tissues. While you are at it, go through any other bags you use regularly and give them the clean out too. Maybe you will find some extra cash lurking in them too! An incentive to declutter the contents of your bags!

Declutter Your Agenda

Next is your agenda. Yes, these need decluttering also! Look over the commitments you have for the coming month. Which items are cluttering your creativity and business? Anything there that is only there because you feel some obligation? Can it be removed? Or shifted to another time?

Declutter Your Computer

Finally, the big one… the computer declutter. Start with the download folder. Save any items you want to keep in the right folders and trash all the others. Clean off your desktop and put items into the correct folders. Have a look through your documents folder and correctly file documents or trash any that are duplicates or no longer needed. Then get into your mailbox. Delete with abandon any emails you have read and no longer need. Unsubscribe from mailing lists you never read, empty the trash, empty the spam. Good job! Finally, empty the trash on your computer and feel the release from all that clutter!


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