3 Crucial Things to Break Free From Addiction

There are three crucial things to keep in mind when trying to break free from an addictive habit:

1. Addictions are hard to break free from

First, be kind to yourself. Addictions are hard to break free from. They are not some small thing, and they cannot be wished or willed away. This is because many habits are started at our core, in the part of the brain that is concerned with survival. An addiction can feel as important as eating and sleeping when at its strongest.

An addiction activates our survival parts of the brain because of the perceived reward we get when we reach for that cigarette or drink.

2. Many of the most common recovery programs for addiction don’t really work – long term

Overcoming an addiction requires a re-framing of who we are. It is not enough to rely on willpower, we must really start to believe we are a non-smoker or sober.

Relapses most often occur when we still believe there is something to gain from the addictive behavior. Or when we still identify as someone who smokes or drinks. Relapses are generally emotionally driven, stress is a major cause.


– “The human brain is extremely malleable. It is possible to rewire your brain out of destructive habit loops… And science confirms this.”


3. Anyone Can Change Their Addictive Mindset

Despite what you may have or may not have been told about addiction, it is possible to break free.

We have found some great resources for breaking free without AA here

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