How To Make Your Home Business Stand Out


We have rounded up 17 easy ways to make your home business stand out more. These simple actions can be started immediately!

1) Audience of One

Act as if you are speaking directly to someone in your target audience when you write your emails, your blog posts, and your social media updates. It’s easier to write compelling copy when you speak to ONE person instead of a broad audience.

2) Focus On Your Tribe

Focus on building an engaged following on one or two major social media platforms. You don’t need to be everywhere!

3) Be YOU

Acknowledge that there are a ton of other people providing the same products and services that you are and know how YOU are different.

4) Narrow Your Services

Specialize in one or two great things and be known for these. People do not remember general, they remember specific. Stand out.

5) Inject Personality

Put yourself out there as uniquely you! It’s hard to REALLY get to know people over the internet. By injecting your personality into your brand, website and marketing people will get to know you more, and remember you!

6) Tracking

Pay attention to the analytics of your website – if certain posts are more popular, create more content around them. Do more of the stuff that works and less of the stuff that doesn’t.

7) Consistency

Be consistent in your visuals / fonts / posting styles. Know your brand, and stick to it. Brands are easier to recognize and follow when they are consistent.

8) Give A Little

Go out of your way to help people. If someone gets in contact, give them the courtesy of a reply. See if there is a way you can help them out.  You never know where it might lead or who they might put you in contact with.

9) Share It Around

Be generous with your social media platforms and share other people’s content more than you share your own.

10) Show Yourself

Get over your fears and try video content so people can actually SEE and HEAR you. This is the best way to show potential customers who you really are and let your personality shine through.

11) Listen

Your customers will tell you exactly what they want if you give them a chance. Make sure they can contact you via your website, social media profiles or email.

12) Create For Need

Learn what your customers need and then create products/services that fit. Listen to their needs and create for this. Be careful not to create only what you “think” they need. 

13) Show Don’t Just Tell

It is important to show your product or service, not just talk about it. Find a way to show it in action and let your customers see how it will solve a problem for them.

14) Welcome New Customers

Don’t assume a new customer will know exactly how to use your product. Show them the ropes. It could be a simple downloadable user guide or a video course that shows them how to make the most out of their purchase from you..

15) Follow Up

Always follow up on any interest. If someone doesn’t immediately say yes but doesn’t say no – FOLLOW UP. Most people don’t and you will definitely make your home business stand out if you do!

16) Follow Up Further

Follow up with customers and find out how they are finding the product or service. Let them know you are available to help out. They will be more likely to recommend you to others if you follow up with added service.

17) Reward Loyalty

Reward your loyal customers with special offers, discounts, small unexpected gifts or early access to new products.

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