Declutter Your Personal Spaces and Clear Your Stress!

Minimalism is a thing we all aspire to in our homes. But it is important to also declutter your personal spaces and create more room to breathe. Have you done any personal decluttering lately?

Declutter Your Handbag

Let’s start with the easy one. Your bag. When was the last time you decluttered your bag and wallet? Get rid of all those sales receipts, loose change and old tissues.

Declutter Your Makeup Bag

Check other bags that you haven’t used in a while. Give them a clean out too. This includes your makeup bags. Get rid of old dried up makeup. Wipe out the bags with makeup remover to get rid of any residue of makeup/

Declutter Your Schedule

Once you have handled that one, move onto the more personal decluttering of your agenda. Look for time wasters that you don’t need to do. Your time must work for you. I have a full agenda on most days. But found myself getting a little stressed that every morning I had commitments that took me out of the house. While I enjoyed these tasks, I know my most productive time to work on my businesses is first thing in the morning. These tasks were cutting into my most productive time.

So declutter your agenda, clearing one commitment, moving another and shortening another has given me space and time I need each morning to get the productivity items done first in my day.

Declutter Your Computer in Three Minutes.

Yes, computers need decluttering a lot.  Set a timer for 3 mins and go fast and hard. Don’t spend too long thinking about each item. if you are unsure, file it for later.

Empty the trash.

Check what is in your download folder. Either save in the right place or delete the items.

Clear out your email box of read items. File or delete.

Unsubscribe from unwanted mailing lists.

Sort out your desktop into folders. tidy up your photos.

Declutter your Junk Drawer

Finally, pick another personal space to declutter; craft drawers? makeup drawer? car? desk? Pick a space and get into it!

Remove any trash.

Box up any items you no longer use.

Put items that are out of season or rarely used into another box for storage. These items only serve to clutter your access to the things you do need regularly.

Keep on top of personal clutter. It seems to have a habit of multiplying especially when we work from home. Keep the clutter down and you will find you have more space, time and energy to focus on what you need to get done each day to keep you home and business in order.

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