OVERALL: 9.8 / 10
FORMAT: 9.6 / 10
VALUE: 10 / 10

SUMMARY: You simply can’t put a price on what this program offers. Put it this way: if your ex walked up to you and asked how much money it would take to make him love you again, how much would you be willing to pay?

FULL REVIEW: When it comes to “ex-back” products, there aren’t too many of them out there, but I’ve taken the liberty to review them all and Brad Browning’s “The Ex Factor Guide” tops the list at #1.

What makes Brad’s offering so much better than the other programs? Well, simply put, the program just works better than every other ex back program on the market.

Brad Browning meticulously breaks down exactly what you need to do and say to your ex to win him back, for good. And his secrets work ridiculously well.  How do I know this? Because I’ve tried it myself.

I might be a little biased here because Brad’s advice worked so well for me. After just a few days of employing his advice, my ex boyfriend began calling me, non-stop. It was to the point where he actually just dropped everything, drove to my house, and demanded to talk to me.

And yes, he wanted to get back together with me even after he dumped me for a prettier, smarter, nicer girl…

I couldn’t even believe it.

In the first few chapters of this book, it’s quite evident that Brad knows exactly what he’s talking about. His book is laid out logically and is very easy to follow.

But what really sets this program apart from the other offers I’ve seen? The insane value and service. Just e-mail Brad a question and he’ll respond to you, personally. I’ve emailed all the other ex back authors only to receive dismal service and a slap on the face.

Brad really cares about you getting your ex boyfriend back for good. And he’ll bend over backwards to help you.

Not only this, but for the price, nothing beats his program.

And right now, only through this link, you’ll be able to get access to Brad Browning’s complete Ex Factor Guide system for a special price!

But this offer won’t last forever, so you better click the link below.

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The Ex Factor Guide

The EX Factor Guide – Click for more info




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