How To Start A PodCast

If you are planning on starting a podcast, you have come to the right page.

I have to admit I never got into podcasts. As a writer, I just didn’t see the value in listening to talking when I could be listening to music. But, call me late to the table, I am now fascinated by this content sharing model.  

Restarting a morning walking habit, led me to download Castbox for streaming podcasts. I started browsing for interesting content to listen to while I walked. I was blown away by the content available. I was addicted immediately. Love it. Need it, can’t believe I lived without it for so long. 

But of course, being the type that jumps in with both feet I wanted to know all about how to get into the podcasting gig and how it can help with sharing content in a new way.

First, let me say I am very keen to give podcasting a shot. Maybe I just like the sound of my own voice… Anyway, the fact that in the US market 1 in 5 adults listen to a podcast, says hello you are missing a market if you are not podcasting! 

Perhaps one of the key advantages of a podcast is that people hang around for longer. The average listener listens for 22 minutes. That’s a lot longer than it takes to read a blog post. And they can multi-task as they do. Driving, working, working out, the list goes on. 

What does it take to start a podcast?

After doing some quick research, I was assured by experienced podcasters that it only takes a small amount of set-up when you are starting a podcast. You can be podcasting to a whole new audience in a number of hours. Professional podcasters recommend your first investment is in a good quality microphone to avoid sounding like you are recording in the shower. 

If you are looking for an all-in-one podcasting set, this MaonoCaster Lite is the best-rated one you can buy for a really good price.

Secondly, you need a good editing program, GarageBand or Audacity are both free and easy to use programs, which seem to be popular with podcasters. 

Once you are all technically set up, the only thing is to come up with the content.

Podcasts I am currently listening to use the interview style to introduce a guest and do a short Q and A with them. Other podcasts are single hosts sharing information on a topic they are experts at.

As with blog content, it’s important to keep it fresh, easy to digest and above all interesting. I have quickly unsubscribed from podcasts that were monotonous, slow-moving or just plain dull. 

New ways of sharing content still require great content to share. So plan out your podcasts in advance and don’t fly by the seat of your pants until you can actually fly. 

Here are some of the best guides for starting a podcast:

If you need more inspiration, here is my list of some of the podcasts I am currently subscribing to and listening to regularly:

TED Talks Audio 

5am Miracle with Jeff Sanders – inspiration to bounce out of bed and be ultra-productive 

Chase Javis Live Show   photographer, artist and entrepreneur shares stories of others creative to inspire and encourage

Tim Ferriss Show –Four Hour Work Week

The Unmistakable Creative interviews performance psychologists, graffiti artist, ex-cons, best selling authors, fabulous new interesting content all the time.

Let me know in the comment if you have started a podcast (include the link) or if you are thinking of getting one started.

Or drop me a line and tell me about your experience.

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